Installing AXE027 the first time!  

(The PICAXE Forum is making this way to HARD; here is the simple way to do the install!)


The Cable install via .ZIP Driver seems to work with v2.08.14 or newer, still need to install the Executable after the driver is installed.

  1. Download the AXE027.EXE and the AXE027.ZIP.  The AXE027 Software/Hardware for a Windows 7 64-Bit Home Premium  

  2. Unzip the AXE027.ZIP file to a directory.  I used:  C:\TMP

 3. Plug in the AXE027 cable.

 4. You will get an error that it DID NOT install correctly!  That's OK.

 5. Now bring up the 'Device Manager'  If you DON'T now how to do that,  you shouldn't get involved with PICAXE.

 6. You will see a "Yellow !" under 'Other Devices'

 7. Right Click on choose: Update Driver Software - Browse - And point to: C:\TMP - Click: "OK"

 8. The driver will install for USB Devices.

 9. Now a serial Device will show up with a
"Yellow !" under 'Ports'

10. Do Step #7 and Step #8 again.

11. If you want another Serial Port other then the one choosen, Right-Click the Port and choose: Advanced an change.

12. Now install AXE027.EXE

13. That's it!

                                         -=   Happy PICAXE-ing!!!   =-



Copyright 2008-   Ted J. Mieske
All Rights Reserved.