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BPi 1st Impression ~ Android 4.2 Support!

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It had to happen!
A $50 Computer that runs on Sunxi Linux and Python code or 'C'

What's on the board?
1GHz Dual-Core ARM Processor with 1GB RAM DDR3
Composite Video, HDMI 1080p, Stereo Audio Out
Microphone, 2 USB Ports, Ethernet, SATA HD Port,
Slot to plugin a Camera, Slot to plugin a Display,
Power ON/OFF Button, Reset Button, Reboot Button,
IR Receiver, User Defined LED, Power Status LED,
SD Card Slot (where the OS resides) and a 16-Pin GPIO
Port's to interface to all of your hardware projects!
The GPIO also includes: TX/RX (Serial), I2C, SPI
All Items in Dark Blue are NOT on the Raspberry Pi!

BPi Manual    BPi / PICAXE ADC, (I2C)

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