Getting Interfaced between a Notebook with only USB interface, and NO Serial or Parallel  Port's.

The previous link on this page is to Ron Hackett's PICAXE site.
All his boards interface to a "5 x 2  Header", to a Serial Female DB9F connector.
See his "making a Cable page" at: Ron Hackett's Cable Assembly

Checkout the Quik Grip(r) for pressing the connectors on.
I bought one at Home Depot for $5.00  Great for other things too!

To interface to the DB9F go to one of the following links.
I've had NO problem making these work with a PICAXE.  So, go to their site at: EMTC

This is the "USB to Parallel DB25F Cable": U to P 
This cable is only $9.95 

This is
the "USB to Serial DB9M Cable": U to S  Only $9.95
This cable doesn't work!  It is 3.3v Serial level, you need the 5.0v version

Free Shipping within the USA and Canada

Finally setup will be: Notebook to USB to Serial DB9M;
then use Ron's cable from a DB9F to his "5 x 2 header".

You can always go with PICAXE's AXE027 USB download Cable; make sure
that you download PICAXE Software Driver from their site.
Also, their Cable is a USB to 3.5mm 3-pin Audio Jack.
In this case, you will need a 3.5mm 3-pin Socket for your project.
This cable is equivlent to the PICAXE AXE027 Cable: U to 3-Pin Audio Jack.

Techsupplies makes an AXE026 download Serial to 3.5mm 3-pin Jack. PICAXE
They also have a USB010, USB to Serial DB9M.  Have a look: PICAXE

1. Plug-in your USB to SERIAL Cable into your Notebooks USB Port.
2. Once your Notebook see's new hardware, install the software Driver for that Cable. 
(If you don't have the driver, go back to where you got the cable from; the software is on that page.)
3. Then Install the PICAXE Program Editor.
  4. Plug-in both Power and Serial Interface to your Project.
. In the Editor, choose: "View>Options>Mode" - Select your PICAXE Chip. 
6. Next select the "Serial Port Tab"  Your Serial Port should have a Bullet lit up.
7. Click "TEST".  Hopefully it all works!
Currently, only the Cable from the PICAXE site works: 

For a first-time install, COM3 will most likely be the choice.  Notebooks generally reserve COM1 & COM2.

Disclaimer:  I have no ties or affiliation to EMTC and Dontronics!  They have *GOOD* Prices!

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