<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html> <head> <title>PICAXE to PIC Equvilent</title> </head> <body bgcolor="#cccccc" text="#000000"> <b>What are the electrical characteristics of the PICAXE (e.g. operating voltage range etc.)?</b> <br> <br>  The electrical characteristics of the PICAXE microcontroller is dependant upon the base PIC microcontroller that is programmed <br> with the PICAXE bootstrap code to create the PICAXE microcontroller. Therefore see the Microchip datasheet (from www.microchip.com) <br> for the appropriate microcontroller characteristics. The lowest operating voltage from these datasheets is shown below (Note this is <br> the  operating voltage only. You may require a higher voltage (minimum 4.5V recommended) whilst doing the actual serial download <br> from the computer to ensure accurate memory programming of the chip).<br> <br> <font color="3333cc"> <pre> <b> PICAXE-08     is a pre-programmed PIC12F629-I/P     minimum voltage      2.0V <br> PICAXE-08M                                 PIC12F683-I/P 2.0V <br> PICAXE-18                                 PIC16F627(A)-04/P 3.0V (2.0V) <br> PICAXE-18A                                 PIC16F819-I/P 2.0V <br> PICAXE-18X                                 PIC16F88-I/P 2.0V <br> PICAXE-28A                                PIC16F872-I/SP 3.0V <br> PICAXE-28X                                 PIC16F873A-I/SP 2.0V <br> PICAXE-40X                                 PIC16F874A-I/P 2.0V </b> <br> </pre> </font><br> <br>&nbsp; <br>&nbsp; <center> <p><b><font face="Arial">Copyright &copy; 2009&nbsp; Ted J. Mieske</font></b> <br><b><font face="Arial">All Rights Reserved.</font></b></center> </body> </html>