~= Ted Mieske's Bio =~

Ted started out at the age of  9 repairing TV's in his home town for his neighbours as a hobby, and to learn more about electronics.  He bought ALL of the Electronic Magazine's he could get his hands on.  He is a self-taught Electronics Engineer.  He is working with  PICAXE and MicroChip PIC's.    Being retired from the Computer/Network Industry in 2004,  he is back to playing with electronic devices and code. The PICAXE Micro Processor,  Raspberry Pi Computer is his newest toy, and the Arduino.  Ted programs in 7 computer languages. Here's currently learning Python and 'C'.

               While in the Army in the 70's, he taught: Electronics, HAM Radio, Telephone Systems and Microwave Transmission.

Teds hobby's include: Travel, spending time in State Parks, 4-Star Restaurants, Golf, Cruising the Coast's of the USA, and an interest of Alaskan Sled Race, (Iditarod)  in Alaska in March, late Summers in
British Columbia, Canada and the Falls in the New England area.  He is also a world traveler.  He also loves to cook; especially French Cuisine.  He also spends time on his Korg PS60 Keyboard and Studio equipment. When he's home, he can be found out in his "Man Cave" creating a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or PICAXE project.  Here's his WorkBench  "Let's see, where did I put that?"

 He Attend the University of Minnesota-- and an Electrical Engineering Degree.                                                                                                                      Does this guy ever rest?  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 nbsp;   Well, from what I've seen, NO!!!    -- a friend

                                                 Ted's Cat  Scoot'r                                                                                                                                                                                                           QR-Code for Ted's site
                                                   (passed away: 2008)


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