~= Ted Mieske's Bio =~

Ted started out at the age of  9 repairing TV's in his home town for his neighbors as a hobby, and to learn more about electronics.  He bought ALL of the Electronic Magazine's he could get his hands on.  He is a self-taught Electronics Engineer.  He is working with  PICAXE and MicroChip PIC's.    Being retired from the Computer/Network Industry in 2004,  he is back to playing with electronic devices and code. The  Raspberry Pi Computer is his newest toy, and the Arduino  Micro Processor, Ted programs in 6 computer languages. He's currently learning Python and 'C'.

               While in the Army in the 70's, he taught: Electronics, HAM Radio, Telephone Systems and Microwave Propagation/Transmission.

Teds hobby's include: Travel, spending time in State Parks, Golf, an interest of Alaskan Sled Race, ( Iditarod)  in Alaska in March, late Summers in British Columbia, Canada. He also loves to cook; especially French Cuisine.  He also spends time with his Korg PS60 Keyboard and Studio equipment. Listen Part 1 or Part 2 He also has add 9 Korg Volca's and Korg Monotron's, and just added a 6-Ch Ammoon Preamp.  [8-Ch shown]. When he was home, he could be found out in his "Man Cave" creating a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or PICAXE project.  Here's his WorkBench  "Let's see, where did I put that?"   He attended the University of Minnesota-- and got his Electrical Engineering Degree. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ted has Dementia; but we will keep his Web page going.    -- a friend

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                                                   (passed away: 2008)


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