Installing the AXE027 Cable & Software on a Windows 7 64-Bit Computer
                                                (The PICAXE Forum is making this way to HARD, here is the simple way to do the install!)

NOTE: If you did an install prior to this Insiall, plug-in the AXE027 Cable, go to Devices, and REMOVE the AXE027 COM Device,
            then pull the Cable from the USB Port, and follow the instructions below.  See Step (5) if your lost.

   1. Download the Windows Preinstaller & Windows Driver File's.

   2. Uncompress the .ZIP file to a Folder of your choice.

   3. Run the Preinstaller-- you WON'T see anything happen. (They could have at least said its done!)
   4. Plug in the AXE027 Cable.  It will try and install, but will fail!  That's OK.

   5. Right-Click "Computer" > "Properties" > "Device Manager" > "Other Devices".
      (This assumes you put the "Computer Icon"  on your Desktop.)  You can also create a shortcut on
      your Desktop for this by entering: devmgmt.msc in the Shortcut-- path is NOT needed, it will find it!
      The long way is:  Start > Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Device Manager > Other Devices.

   6. Under "Other Devices", you will see "AXE027 PICAXE USB", with a Yellow Exclamation Point.

   7. Right-Click that Device, and choose "Properties".

   8. Click "Update Drivers".

   9. Choose "Browse My Computer".

 10. Choose "Browse" and point to the Folder where your Files are uncompressed.

 11. Click: "OK"

 12. Click "Next" then "Tick" the "Always trust Future Technology", click "Install"

 13. Choose "Close" > "Close"

 14. You will now see an entry for "AXE027 PICAXE USB" under the (USB),
       "Universal Serial Bus controllers".

 15. Also, Under "Ports (COM & LPT)", there will be an entry for 
       "AXE027 PICAXE USB (COM3)  which will have a Yellow
Exclamation Point.
       (If you HAVE NOT setup a Device for the COM Port's in the past; just go back to steps #6)

 16. If all went well, this will work the first time!

 17. If you want to use another Port, right-Click AXE027 PICAXE USB (COM3)
 18. Choose "Properties" > "Port Settings" > "Advanced"

 19. At the Top-Left, you will see a pull-down to change the Port Number.

 20. Change the Port Number to whatever you wish it to be.  I use COM4.

 21. Then click "OK" > "OK"

 22. Make SURE when you install and run the "PICAXE Program Editor",
       that you set it to the same Port that you installed in the "Device Manager"!

 23. Always use the same USB PORT, otherwise it won't recognise the AXE027 Device Cable!

      That's it, your done!   Notice that you DID NOT have to do this whole process TWICE!

                                         -=   Happy PICAXE-ing!!!   =-


Copyright 2008-   Ted J. Mieske
All Rights Reserved.